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A Foundation Of Trust.

It's who we are.

Some government relations firms believe in the "take clients now, worry about conflicts later" approach. But Top Drawer Strategies builds its business on one defining characteristic: trust. A small, focused client list enables Top Drawer Strategies to stay committed to your goals, without compromising the principles of other clients.

Top Drawer Strategies has represented clients on a variety of policy fronts at all levels of government. An excellent relationship with the press and legislative staff give us a leg-up when it comes to media coverage and stealthy strategy implementation. 

With our proven reputation for work ethic, loyalty, know-how, and perseverance, a Top Drawer Strategies client can be proud of their representation and confident in their knowledgeable and complete counsel. 

Taking your goals personally.

With your name on our small, focused, and conflict-free client list, you will never have to wonder if your needs are truly being prioritized. While some firms act as "hired guns,” waiting passively for a client to alert them to an issue, Top Drawer Strategies develops and implements a proactive legislative and policy agenda. Experience in campaign finance, candidate messaging, government relations and policy development, and in-depth personal relationships with local, state and federal elected officials enable Top Drawer Strategies to hit the ground running on behalf of new clients. Will you be next?  Contact Top Drawer Strategies today, and let us know how we can help write your success story.

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