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Our award winning, in-house advocacy has a reputation of delivering Results and garnering national attention for our clients. At Top Drawer Strategies, we turn long shots into serious contenders. In 2015, our efforts led to the landslide election of the only Democratic governor in the Deep South, Governor John Bel Edwards. Through strategic messages highlighting Edwards’ background and commitment to duty, we were able to appeal to conservative and rural voters throughout the state with edwards winning 19 of Louisiana’s 28 non-metropolitan parishes.

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A recent historic effort to repeal one of Louisiana’s last Jim Crow Era laws and to require the use of unanimous juries was designed and executed right here at Top Drawer Strategies including: in house print collateral, targeted digital, video/radio/mail production and media placement, as well as direct voter engagement strategies. Our services ensured a mandate for the people, propelling the Constitutional Amendment to pass in 61 out of 64 parishes, despite projected polling which would have left proponents short of their passage goal.